How to Create Reports

Reports are how you can grade student participation in Poll Everywhere sessions.

Go to the "Reports" tab and click "Create Report"

Select "Gradebook"

Select the questions you want to report on and click "Finish"

If the questions you want to report on are in the same group, you can click the checkbox for that group. You can report on any combination of questions that you want, whether you report on the questions from a single session, questions from the entire semester, or both. If you use "word of the day" questions for attendance you can run a report on those questions alone to generate an attendance grade.

Rename your report

Click the "Rename" link next to the the report title and name your report something more descriptive, like "January 20, 2018 Lecture Session" or "FA18 Bio 101 Paricipation"

Select the "Participant Group" for your course

By default, the report will only show those who responded to the questions in the report. If you want to include the students who did not participate, click on the "Participants" section in on the right and select your course from the drop-down list.

If you do not see a Participant Group for your course, you need to synchronize your Canvas roster with Poll Everywhere by following these directions: Synchronizing Canvas roster and gradebook with Poll Everywhere.

If you are not using Canvas, you can import a spreadsheet of your students' names and emails to create a participant group by following these instructions: Import a list of participants

Select the "Run" you want to report on

If you click the "Select Run" section you will see two or three options. A "Run" refers to a time that the question was asked.

  • All Runs means every time that the question has been asked to date. If you are filtering this report by Participant Group it will show every time the users in that group responded to those questions.
  • Current Run menas the last time the question was asked. If you archived responses for a question and then had students respond again, the second response will be considered the "current" run.
  • Shared Run will only appear if you cleared the responses for the questions at once (see How to Re-Use Questions Between Terms or Sections).

Download your Gradebook Report (optional)

Clicking the "Download" button will generate an Excel file with the report data.

Export your Gradebook Report to Canvas

Clicking the "Export to" button will allow you to send your participation data to Canvas as a gradebook item.

NOTE: You need to synchronize your Canvas course with Poll Everywhere before you can send grades back to Canvas. See: Synchronizing Canvas roster and gradebook with Poll Everywhere

Select "Canvas" and click "Next"

Select your Canvas course

Use the dropdown to select the Canvas course that will be the destination for the Poll Everywhere Gradebook Report. Make sure that you selected the Participant Group for this course when creating the report so that the list of students in the report matches the student roster in Canvas.

Confirm the report exported correctly to Canvas

The Canvas export process will create an assignment in the top most assignment group in the Canvas Assignments tool, and will assign grades to each student.