How do I Create a New Post in OASIS?

A Post is created anytime a user creates a message in OASIS's portfolio system.

Coaches create new posts with the "Projects" tool. Project posts are similar to regular posts but with the following differences:

  1. Project posts can be sent to all your students simultaneously. Projects posts created in this way are private communication channels between you and each individual student.
  2. When creating a Project post, you can choose an option to email students notifying them of your new post.
  3. All Project posts must have a due date, however, when the due date passes students can still interact with the post as usual.

To get started, log into OASIS, click "Students, and choose "Advisor Access"

On the Advisor Access screen click "Portfolio Projects"

View the list of existing and completed projects

Click "Create a new project" to add a new post

Add the title, message, recipients, and other information for the new post

After assigning the post to students the following options will appear

Use these options to send students an email letting them know the new post has been created. Select a due date for the post as needed.