How Do I Use Notifications in OASIS?

It is a best practice to be very explicit with your students on how you would like them to contact you.  One avenue of communication is through the OASIS Portfolio tool. If you choose to use this tool it is important to understand how you will be notified when a student posts.

OASIS sends the following notifications;

  1. When someone responds to a post, the original author of the post will be notified.
  2. When an instructor creates a new post, they have the option to have an email sent to students letting the know the new post is up. Select the "Email Students" option to make this happen.

Read more about creating posts here: How Do I Create a New Post in OASIS?


You can create an optional post, to ensure you are notified

If you want to be notified when a student posts, you can create a project that asks students to communicate with you via that project.

This can be useful for refections, meeting summaries, or general communication threads.  

Below is an example of what that a general communication thread might look like, but you could follow this procedure, simply change the prompt to ask students for the appropriate materials.

When you assign the project post to students, you can also choose to send them an email notifying them about the post

All projects must have a due date, even if one is not required by you. So, for a post like this we sugest you set the due date to the end of the simester.

You can opt to have an email sent to the students notifying them of the project post, by clicking the "Email Students" link. Below is an example of the email they will receive.