Educational Technology User GuidesZoom Recording with ZoomHow can I manually close-caption a Zoom recording in real-time?

How can I manually close-caption a Zoom recording in real-time?

When a Zoom meeting is in progress, you or another assigned participant can manually type closed-captions.

See this article to learn how: Getting Started with Closed-Captioning

The host of a Zoom meeting can type their own captions while they present, or they can assign a participant to do the typing. Note that a participant who has joined the meeting via mobile device will not be able do the typing.

If the host is typing, the words are only displayed on the screen once they hit enter. If an assigned participant is typing, each word is displayed as they type.

When you've stopped the recording, the captions will be available along with the video of the meeting. If you choose to save captions, the Closed Caption transcript will be saved locally to a Zoom folder on your machine.

As an alternative to manually close-captioning a video recording of a Zoom meeting, you can utilize Zoom's automatic transcription feature.

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