How do I use break-out rooms in Zoom?

Zoom allows you to split your students into separate breakout rooms for small group sessions and discussions.

Zoom’s Managing Video Breakout Rooms guide will help you to create breakout rooms, assign students to rooms, manage breakout rooms, broadcast a message to your breakout rooms, and end a breakout room session. You can either pre-assign students to breakout rooms before class begins or create breakout rooms during class. 

For very large classes there are limitations to break out rooms that you can read about here:  limitations of break out rooms

Determine what break out room set up best fits your small group activity.

You have a few options on how to structure your small group meetings on Zoom. 

1: Assign students to break out rooms in the zoom meeting itself. You can do this manually (one at a time) or automatically  (random assignment). This is fast and easy for courses that are small enough for the instructor to individually assign the groups on the fly or where randomly assigned groups is just fine. If you can Assing students in the meeting, it is recommended that you do so.   Link to instructions: Managing break out rooms

2: Have small group facilitators create links to their individual zoom rooms. This is easy for each facilitator, but may not be appropriate if you don't have enough facilitators, or if you want to come together as a whole class at the start or end of your session.

 3: Pre-Assigned break out rooms for Members of the Tufts community. If everyone in your meeting has a tufts user name and password you can set up your room to require the use of the Tufts username and password. This will ensure that they can be properly identified by the system and assigned the correct break out rooms. Read more on Creating a Pre-assigned break out rooms (Tufts participants only) 

4: Pre-Assigned break out rooms that include Non-tufts participants.  For small classes, this option is the most work up front and the most work when you want to send the students to break out rooms. For large classes, that can not use the options above, this is will help set up your break out rooms, but will not alleviate the need for the host to manually assign some participants. . Read more on Creating a Pre-assigned break out rooms (Tufts and Non-Tufts participants)