For Instructors: How do I install iClicker?

To use iClicker in Canvas, you will need to use a specific version.   The table below provides links to the different versions and user guides.

NOTE 1: For best results we recommend you run Tufts' custom versions of iClicker from a USB drive

NOTE 2: For Mac users running OS Sierra or High Sierra, please contact for assistance downloading and installing the iClicker software

iClicker Version to Download User Guide How to run iClicker
Canvas Windows 10
Mac OS El Capitan
Mac OS Sierra
Mac OS High Sierra
iClicker v7.16.0 custom for Canvas at Tufts
User Guide for iClicker in Canvas
From a USB drive
None Any
v7 iClicker Classic
Macmillan’s iClicker Classic Guide
Follow Macmillan’s instructions

Once you have decided which version to use follow these installation instructions for Canvas:

Install iClicker for use with Canvas


Note: if you are using iClicker without an LMS, you can download the latest version of iClicker, and follow Macmillan's instructions for installing and using the app.

Please contact if you need assistance setting up iClicker.