How do I access my course evaluation forms in Blue?

You will receive an email inviting you to complete the evaluation. You can also access Blue via links provided in Canvas for the course.

Click the link to access your course evaluation

Log in to Blue with your Tufts University username and password to view your "dashboard".

If you do not receive an email, you can access Blue directly at

Information about which students can evaluate a course is here.

Select a datasource

During login you may be asked to select a datasource. SMFA students can choose: 'AllUsers'. Other students please choose a data source that reflects the name of your school.

Answer the evaluation questions

You must respond to all required questions (marked with a red asterisk) in order to submit the form.

Click "Save" to save your responses while you are completing the evaluation

The progress bar shows how much of the evaluation you have completed so far

When you have finished the evaluation, click "Submit"

After submitting, you can view the list of all of your evaluations

From here you can select and complete any remaining course evaluations