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Can I complete my forms after the deadline has passed?

Students cannot access the forms once the evaluation period has closed and the forms have expired. Forms expire at 11:59pm, so be sure to submit prior to that time. Plan ahead to allow enough time to complete all of your forms prior to the deadline. If you are nearing the deadline, or plan to take time composing your comments, click "Save" to save your responses while you are completing the evaluation. The progress bar shows how much of the evaluation you have completed so far.

The School of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering has implemented a grade hold based on course evaluations. Completing all of your course evaluations by the deadline will give you early access to view your grades, as soon as they are posted by the professor during the grading period. Students who do not complete all their evaluations by the deadline must wait to see their grades (by accessing their unofficial transcript on SIS) until after the grading deadline.

Please note: Official transcripts for enrolled students are never released until after the grading deadline. Plan ahead for opportunities that require an official transcript.