How do I add personalized questions in Blue?

The Personalized Questions feature in Blue allows instructors to add custom questions to the bottom of a standard course evaluation form.

To access this feature you must:

  • Be associated with a Tufts school which has activated the 'personalized questions' feature in Blue
  • Be an officially designated instructor who has been granted rights to personalize questions in Blue

Note:  You are NOT required to personalize questions. It is an option that is available to you.

Note: Some schools require a response threshold to be met in order for evaluation reports to be published in Blue. In the BioMedical Sciences school, if fewer than 3 students respond, or in AS&E if fewer than 4 respond, the report will not be generated. Please keep this in mind if you are teaching a course with a small number of students and you are considering adding personalized questions.

You will receive an email inviting you to personalize an evaluation

On the personalization page click "Edit" to open a question

In the "Personalize this question" field swap in your own text

Click "Close" to close the question editing field

Click "Select" to include the question in the evaluation

Click "Deselect" to remove the question

Click "Preview Questionnaire" to preview the evaluation with personalized questions at the end

Click "Save" to save your personalizations and return to edit them later

Click "Submit" to submit your personalizations to the evaluation

Once you have added, selected, and submitted personalized questions, they will appear at the bottom of the instructor section of the course evaluation. These questions will only be seen by your own students and the results will only be displayed on your own report. Also, those questions will only be included for that term - they will not carry over to future terms.

Note: Any personalization must be completed before the course evaluation period opens.