How to Record with Kaltura Capture

Get Ready

Open Kaltura Personal Capture. If it is not already installed click on these links to learn more about installation on your Mac or PC.

Set your recording Preferences. Click here to learn more about the recording settings.

Open the power point or other media that you want to record.

Hit Record

Count down begins

While you see the count down, make your media fill your entire screen. For example if you are in PowerPoint, open the slideshow view.

Don't worry if the recording started before your media was full screen or if you do not start your narration right when the count down ends,  you will have the opportunity to edit latter.

Minimize the Recorder

Everything that is on the screen will be visible in the recording, including the recorder and the timer. If you don't want the recording to include these elements, click the dash to the right to minimize it.

Give Your Presentation

Advance your slides and speak aloud as you normally would . Everything on your screen is being recorded, including your mouse moments, and any applications that you see.

Note: Videos that you play on screen will not record well. Audio will not be captuerd and image quality will suffer. ETS recommend posting additional videos separately from the recordings.  

Exit the Presentation

Hit escape to exit full screen mode (if you are in PowerPoint).

If you minimized the the recorder it will be in your Tray (PC) or dock (Mac) click it to access the recording tools. The tray and dock are the list of icons at the bottom of the desktop. Kaltura capture's icon can be seen below.

Stop the Recording

Click the white to stop button to end your recording. You will be prompted to confirm.

You can also pause the recording with the red pause button or cancel and discard your recording with the grey X button.

Name and Tag your Recording

Change the name of your recording to something that is meaningful to you. This will allow you to find the recording in Kalturas 'My Media' latter.

The Description and Tags are optional, but can help you categorize your videos to aid in search.

Depending on how you share your videos with others the name and description may be visible to them.

Upload Recording

To share your video with others or to edit it you must first upload it to Kaltura. To do that click 'Save and Upload.'  Clicking save will simply update the metta data (name, description, title), but it will not allow you to share it with others.

Once the video is finished uploading click on the link that appears next to the video to be taken to the video on Kaltura.

Once the video is open on Kaltura you can use the online editing tools, read about editing here.

If you don't need to edit these videos you can read more about the suport for Kaltura in Canvas or TUSK