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Collaborating with Colleagues or Teaching Assistants

The "Account Polls" feature allows you to share Poll Everywhere questions with colleagues or have teaching assistants help you author questions. If you want to collaborate with others please follow these 3 steps:


"User Group"

Educational Technology Services can set up a "User Group" where a group of presenters can see each other's polls. This could work well in a situation where you have multiple faculty who want to share questions or with TA's who want to collaborate on question creation.

NOTE: you can only belong to one User Group at a time, so you can't use this function with more than one course.

Contact ETS to request the User Group setup

To request a user group, email and provide the names and email addresses of everyone who needs to be included in the group.

Click on "Account Polls" to view the questions of other User Group members

Your questions will appear at the top of the list and the accounts of your colleagues will appear below. You will have full access to edit, deliver, and run reports from your colleague's questions and they will have the same access to yours.

Important to note about presenting

It is important to note that polls owned by other members of your user group will be presented to students via the owners URL, not yours.

If you want to present a poll that is owned by another member of the user group in a presentation you must copy those polls into your account. 

Copy questions to another account

Click on Account Polls on the left-hand menu, and find the questions you would like to copy into your account. 

Poll Everywhere allows you to move or copy questions from your account to another in your user group.

Select the questions you want to copy

Select the questions you want to copy by clicking the checkbox to the left of the question text or to the left of the question group.

If you are copying groups or multiple groups of questions we recommend selecting groups as this will preserve the group structure in the new location.

Click the "Move/Copy" button

Select "Move" or "Copy" and enter in the name or email address of the recipient.

NOTE: you may need to click the "..." button in order to reveal the "Move" and "Copy" buttons. Also, if you are trying to copy a colleague's questions, you can only copy them into your account.

The copied questions will appear in a new group in the recipient's account

NOTE: If groups were selected to copy, the questions will appear in the same groups after the copy.

Add the copied polls to a  presentation

Once the question is copied to your account you can add it to your presentation. 

As a reminder, you cannot present questions that are in another user's accountUser Groups and Account Polls only allow you to see polls that are owned by other members of your user group.


Use the Poll Everywhere app or plugin to add questions to your presentation

If you have not installed or used the app to add questions to a presentation here are instructions based on your Operating System and Presentation software.