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How to Re-Use Questions Between Terms or Sections

It is not necessary to create copies of your questions to re-use your questions from term-to-term, you can even keep the same questions if you use them in different sections during the same term. To re-use your questions you must archive the responses after your sessions. This will also make easier to run gradebook reports.

As a best practice you should archive responses after every session.

Select the questions from your completed session

Click the "Clear" button at the top of the page

Name the archive

We recommend that you name the archive with the course name, date, and the lecture topic or number.  

You can also unlock, send copy, or configure your polls in Bulk

If you don't see the options you are looking for, click the More button.

Configure allows you to set the "Response settings," and the "Who can participate?," and other settings based on the questions selected.

Re-use the questions

After you clear the responses you can use the questions again with a different group of students, either that same day, the next term, or the following year.

Accessing the archive

When running a gradebook report on the session, select "Shared run" under the "Select run" option to filter the results to that specific session.