Getting Started with EasyGenerator

EasyGenerator allows you to create online learning modules with high interactivity and rich content. These learning objects allow you to combine content and question with immediate feedback, and track your students progress.  Completion data can be synced with canvas and you can see detailed reports of your students Interactions from easy Generator

Create your account

Click on the link below, and create your EasyGenerator account.


You will need to use this same URL to access your EasyGenerator account. ETS recommends that you bookmark this URL.

NOTE: your students will not need to complete this step. See How to add a EasyGenerator course to your Canvas course

Claim your account

You will receive a number of emails from EasyGenerator. Use the link in the email shown below to claim your account. If you are having trouble with this step please reach out to [email protected].

How to get help


  1. Email [email protected] to get help from Tufts Educational Technology Services. We will respond via email during normal business hours and are happy to set up a time to meet with you.
  2. This guide was written by Tufts Educational Technology Services and has basics of how to use Easy Generator at Tufts: Easy Generator 
  3. For help on the tool itself, you can access the EasyGenerator resources right within the tool. Click on the green help button in the bottom right of the screen and chat with the Easy Generator help team or search the guides.