How to add Content in EasyGenerator

Drag new section into the "sections" area

Sections allow you to group your content. Students can use sections to navigate your EasyGenerator Course.  

Your EasyGenerator Course must have at least one section.

Drag content or questions into the section

Content allows you to add information in text, images, and other information.  

Questions allow students to answer questions and receive immediate feedback. Students must answer all questions correctly before completing the easy generator course (see setting up your course on how to change that). Students have the ability to change their answers until they answer correctly.

Note: "Open Questions" are not graded so students only need to input an answer to complete the course.

Read more about the various question types here:


Note: the "scenario" question type has been deprecated, and should not be used.

Open the Content / Question to edit it

Drag content items  from the left-hand menu




Media: We ask that you not use the EasyGenerator Video tool, but instead use one of the Tufts supported media tools. Contact [email protected] to set up a consult on the best use of video in EasyGenerator.



Add Immediate Feedback in Response  

Feedback is very important.

Research shows that feedback given immediately after the question is very helpful for students learning.  

Students can navigate anywhere in the EasyGenerator Course, so hiding important information in the feedback section is a good way to ensure that students are meaningfully interacting with the course. For instance, if you are creating a case, one of your final pages may explain to the students the final diagnoses of the case. If you require the students to input their final diagnosis into an open question, they will not see the real diagnosis until they meaningfully answer the question.

If you have questions on how to best structure your course so that it encourages meaningful interactions email [email protected].