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How can I access Copilot with my Tufts account?

Tufts users can log into Microsoft's generative AI, which is called Copilot, with their Tufts credentials as shown below.

A word of caution about AI security —

No private data should be input into Copilot, ChatGPT, or any other public-facing AI tools.

AIs are new and experimental technology. Even AIs which claim to be secure may have security vulnerabilities which have not yet been discovered or addressed.

For this reason we strongly recommend that you only share content with an AI that you would be willing to share publicly online. Never share confidential data about individuals or organizations, including names, email addresses, or other identifying or sensitive information.

See: Tufts Guidelines for Use of Generative AI Tools

Visit the Copilot webpage and click "Sign in"

In the "Sign in" window type in your Tufts email address and click "Next"

Enter your Tufts username and password and click "Sign in"

You'll see the Copilot homepage

Some users are having trouble claiming their Copilot account. Most Tufts faculty, and all Tufts students should automatically be granted a license as to use co-pilot the first time they log in. If you see a blank screen instead of the screen shot bellow, open a new incognito or private window in your browser and go directly to and log in. You may have to repeat this process a few times. Once you gain access you should not have to repeat this process.

On the Copilot homepage click to choose a conversation style

You can select from three conversation styles which Microsoft has designed for Copilot:

  • More Creative for an original and imaginative chat
  • More Balanced for an informative and friendly chat
  • More Precise for concise and straightforward chat

To begin interacting with Copilot type in the chat box then hit "Enter"

Copilot will respond to conversational text, comments, questions, etc. which you type in the chat box.

During you conversation you can ask Copilot to:

  • Brainstorm ideas for names, outings, projects, and other low-stakes activities
  • Refine or rephrase text
  • Proof-read, summarize, shorten, or lengthen text
  • Look up information and cite sources which include links

You can continue the conversation beyond Copilot's initial response by continuing to type in the chat box.

Experiment with all three conversation styles to learn what kinds of text they generate. Keep in mind that the content may be inaccurate, false, or biased. Be prepared to fact-check and vet any content generated with Copilot.

For support using  Copilot generative AI for teaching and learning, contact [email protected]