Online Language Placement FAQ for Students

I don't know my Tufts username and/or password.

Follow these links for help:

  1. Find Your Tufts Username
  2. Tufts Password Recovery
Can I restart the test if I accidentally close the browser, loose power, or lose my internet connection?

You can resume your test - please follow the instructions below for the language test you are taking.

Arabic, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, and Russian

Go to and log in with your Tufts username and password. The test will be available there. Click through the test to the part where you left off and continue working.


To restart your test, contact [email protected] and you will be sent a link that will allow you to resume your test. Although the link provided will start at the beginning, you can click through to the point at which you left off; all previous answers will be visible.

French and Spanish

Go to and log in with your Tufts email address and password you created to resume your test.

I'm having problems with the audio from the listening questions.

If you hare having trouble playing or hearing the audio for the listening questions, try taking the test in a different browser. We recommend using Firefox or Chrome.

If you switch browsers while taking the Chinese test, you need to contact [email protected] to have your test restarted.

I'm having problems with the speaking portion of the Italian or Portuguese test.
  • We recommend that you use either the Firefox or Chrome browsers for completing the test, if you are having trouble first try switching browsers.
  • This document has a step-by-step walkthrough for recording media into Canvas:
  • If you are having trouble recording directly into Canvas from your computer, try logging in to from your smartphone or tablet and attempting the speaking questions from there. You can record directly from mobile devices.
  • You can also record a video of yourself with a mobile device and upload it to the question, but there is a 500mb upload limitation.
  • If all else fails use the text box and write a note that technical difficulties prevented you from recording. You may be asked to meet with the Language Coordinator during orientation to conduct the speaking test in person.
I'm having trouble uploading a picture of my composition for Arabic, Chinese, or Hebrew test.
  • The easiest way to submit your composition is to take a picture of it with a mobile device and email it to yourself so you can upload from your computer.
  • If you started the Chinese test on your computer and are unable to upload a picture of your composition, ask [email protected] for a restart link and resume the test from your mobile device. You should be able to upload images directly from your mobile device.
  • If you have access to a scanner, printer, or copier with scanning capabilities, you can use that to scan the composition to a digital file.
When will I receive my results?

You will receive your placement recommendation via email before the advising period in August.