Configuring Canvas-based Language Placement Tests

The Canvas site for your placement test will be copied each spring to prepare for placement testing in the summer. Please take the following steps to configure your placement test after you are given access.

1. Review the "People" tool and invite colleagues as needed

Course Roster: 2023 Online - Japanese Placement Assessment

When the course was copied, all faculty that previously had access were re-invited. Add or remove colleagues as needed.

2. Set the Start and End dates for the Canvas site

Course Details: 2023 Online - Japanese Placement Assessment
  • Click on "Settings" in the course menu and update the "Start" and "End" dates under "Participation". These dates define the initial testing window and students will be unable to access the test outside of that time period.
    • The tentative dates for the testing period are June 12th to June 20th, but if you plan to have a different testing window please confirm with Carmen Lowe and change the date settings accordingly.
    • Make sure that the two boxes  are checked for "Restrict students from viewing course before/after course start/end date"
      • After the initial testing period, you can remove the "end" date restriction to allow students who missed the initial window to take the test.
  • Click "Update Course Details" at the bottom of the page after you finish the changes.
Course Details: 2023 Online - Japanese Placement Assessment

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find this link.

The self-enrollment link is how students will add themselves to the Canvas site. This link has already been shared with Carmen's team, but you should make a note of it yourself in case you need to send it to students later on.

4. Set the dates for the Survey and/or Quiz

In addition to the Course start/end dates, you should also configure the "Available from" and "Until" dates for EACH survey and quiz in the course.

Initially, you should set these dates to be the same as the course start/end dates you configured in the course settings. You will need to update these quiz dates later when you need to accommodate submissions after the initial summer placement test period.

Click on the "Quizzes" tool and click on the exam or survey. Click "Edit" to configure the dates.

5. Make changes to exam and/or survey (if needed)

While you are reviewing the exam make any changes needed to the exam or survey questions and instructions.

6. Review all instructions on the Home page

Click on "Home" and carefully review the instructions there. Click "Edit" if anything needs to be changed.

Also review the "submission confirmation" or "thank you for completing..." page (if there is one)

Course Modules: 2023 Online - Japanese Placement Assessment

Some placement tests have a "Submission Confirmation" page that comes after the exam has been completed. If your Canvas site has one you can find it either from the "Modules" tool or the "Pages" tool.

If your submission confirmation page includes a link to schedule oral interviews, please contact Carmen Lowe for the updated link for this year.

7. Preview the student experience

Click on "Home" and then click "Student View" and go through the entire exam process. Carefully review all instructions and make sure everything is correct for this year. Note that you may need to click through and submit any surveys or exams in order to progress to subsequent sections of the placement test.

8. Publish the Canvas site

After you have confirmed the course is properly set up for the placement test period this summer,  leave the student view and click"Publish" on the Home page of the course.

Even though the course is published, students will be unable to access it until they until the New Student Checklist opens and the start date of the placement test site has passed.