What is Kaltura Capture?

NOTE: Kaltura Capture software versions that start with "3.__.__" are outdated. If you have a version that starts with "3", we recommend that you uninstall it, and re-install a current version.  Once you have the current version installed, it will auto-update in the future. Click here for installation instructions for Mac or PC.

Kaltura Capture allows you to record videos on your personal computer and then easily share them with your anyone. After a quick download and installation of the app, Kaltura Capture can record anything on your computer screen, along with your voice and webcam.

Here are some of the benefits of Kaltura Capture:


The Kaltura Capture recording app is easy to use

After you download the App to a Mac or PC, you will be able to record your screen, webcam and microphone with just a few button clicks. The app is  simple to set up and use, allowing you to concentrate on your lecture recordings.

As you make a recording, Kaltura Capture automatically creates searchable chapters from your PowerPoint Slides

If your lecture capture includes recording a PowerPoint presentation on screen, Kaltura Capture will automatically create chapters for each slide in the presentation, allowing students to skip to the part of the presentation that is most relevant to them. The text of the title of each slide is captured and becomes searchable within the recorded video.

Once your video is recorded, editing is easy with the Kaltura Video Editor

Once you've finished recording and editing your video, you can easily share it with students using Kaltura My Media and Media Gallery in Canvas

In Canvas you can add your videos to the Kaltura Media Gallery of any course, and add videos anywhere you use the Canvas rich text editor (as shown in the screenshot below). These user guides show you how to work with Kaltura My Media and Media Gallery videos in Canvas.