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How do I edit the title, description and other information about a video?

For videos created in or uploaded to My Media / Media Gallery or MediaSpace, you can edit the title, description, tags, and other informational items -- these are collectively called the "meta-data".

Follow these steps to edit the meta-data for a video --

Under the video click the "ACTIONS" tab and choose "Edit"

NOTE: be sure to choose "Edit" rather than "Launch Editor"

"Edit" will let you to edit information about the video, whereas "Launch Editor" will let you edit the video itself.

Under the video playback window you'll see a row of tabs where you can edit different aspects of the video

Here's a brief summary of what the different tabs are for:

Details: to edit the name, description, and tags for the video. You can also set a time range when it will be published.

Options: to enable or disable comments, close commenting, and/or allow clips to be created from the video

Collaboration: to add another person as an owner or collaborator on the video

Thumbnails: to set which frame of video or which uploaded image will be the video thumbnail

Downloads: to download the video

Captions: to manage machine captions that have been created for the video. See this guide to learn more about captioning.

Attachments: to manage and upload files that are attachments for the video

Timeline: to create chapters for the video and upload slides to play along with the video

Reminder: Always click "Save" when you're done making changes to the meta-data.