How do I use the Kaltura Video Editor?

The Kaltura Video Editor is an online editing tool you can use to edit videos you have captured or uploaded with Kaltura My Media (in Canvas), Kaltura Media Gallery (in Canvas), or in Kaltura MediaSpace.

Follow these steps to edit a video --

Under the video click the "ACTIONS" tab and choose "Launch Editor"

NOTE: be sure to choose "Launch Editor" rather than "Edit"

"Edit" will let you to edit information about the video, whereas "Launch Editor" will let you edit the video itself.

The Kaltura Video Editor will open

Use the Play button to play and pause the video. Use the left and right arrows to jump to the beginning or end of the video

The Real Time Marker shows where you are in the video's timeline

Click and drag the Zoom slider to zoom into or out of parts of the timeline

Click the Audio icon to select an audio track (if you have more than one)

Click the Undo and Redo icons to undo and redo edits

Click the Reset icon to undo all edits and revert to the original video