How to Create or Join a Team

Your instructor may create "team" activities in Visual Classrooms where you will work with a group of your peers.

If this is an in-person class, simply turn to your neighbors and ask them to join.  One member can create the group and the rest can join and collaborate.

If you are in a Zoom break out room, one of you should elect to be the "scribe". The scribe should share their screen and create the group. Once the group is created other members can join and contribute.


Creating a Team

One member of your group will need to create the team. Visual classrooms allows students to self organize into their own teams by selecting the students from the list.  

Select Team members and give your team a name

  1. To create a team, select students from the list.
  2. If the class is large, you may need to use the "filter by name" to search for your team-mates.
  3. Lastly, give your team a name and click "Join as a Team"

Joining an existing Team

To join an existing team, find the team name under the "Rejoin Existing Team" list and click "Rejoin" for that team.