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How to Participate in Visual Classrooms Sessions

Visual Classrooms is a lecture tool your instructors can use to encourage active learning and collaboration in class.

Your instructor will add one or more Visual Classrooms links to the Canvas course. Click the link for that day's session to open Visual Classrooms.

If that day's session is a team-based activity, you will need to create or join a team.

Click on the the Prompt titles to open the activity

Each Session will feature one or more "Prompts", which is a different question or activity you will need to respond to. Each Prompt is shown as a box on the session page. Click on the Prompt title to open the activity.

Click "New Idea" to respond to the Prompt

The Prompt instructions will appear at the top of the page. Click "New Idea" to respond to the prompt. Your previous responses and those of your fellow students (if allowed) will appear in boxes at the bottom of the page. Use the arrows in the upper right-hand corner to navigate back to the Session screen or move on to the next Prompt.

Submitting a New Idea

You are provided with a text box to write and submit your responses to the prompt. There are a number of ways you can add to your response:

The "Attach Media" section has the following options:

  • Attach any file type (folder icon)
  • Use the "Sketch" tool which allows you to draw on a whiteboard (paint palette icon)
  • Record video with your device's camera (video icon)
  • Take a snapshot with your device's camera (webcam icon)
  • Capture images from your device's clipboard (clipboard icon)

You can also embed YouTube videos by clicking the YouTube icon in the text editor.

Click "Submit" when you are done