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Using Visual Classrooms with Zoom Breakout Rooms

Students can use Visual Classrooms to collaborate and submit work while using Zoom breakout rooms for communication. 

Set up your Visual Classrooms Session to use Teams

I when you select "Small Teams in Class" under the "Students Work As" field, students are required to either create or join a team when they open the Session.

Create break-out rooms in Zoom

Enable the breakout rooms in Zoom and assign students. For more information about breakout rooms, see: How do I use break-out rooms in Zoom?

Students will self-assign to Teams in the break out rooms.

Share these instructions with your students to show them how to create their teams: How to Create or Join a Team

When you open the breakout rooms in Zoom, the students will be sent to their private breakout rooms and can start collaborating. This is when students will self-assign to the Visual Classroom Teams.

You can then "close" the breakout rooms to bring your students back into the main Zoom room to discuss their work.