Getting started with Gradescope

What is Gradescope?

Gradescope is a homework and exam tool that allows you to upload scans of handwritten homework and exams and quickly grade them online. Gradescope also can grade software and programming assignments. This tool is well suited for grading subjects where students must write equations and charts, such as Math, Physics, Economics, Biology, etc.

Here are some specific features of Gradescope that are not available in other tools:

  • It allows students to submit handwritten assignments online for grading
  • Grading duties can be shared among a group of people
  • Answers can be grouped by similarity for quicker grading
  • Grading is done by question, rather than by submission, which can help grading be more consistent

Although Tufts has a limited license for Gradescope, in light of the teaching challenges caused by the COVID-19 outbreak Gradescope is offering its services for free to any classes until June 30th, 2020.

How to get started with Gradescope

Watch one of the "Getting Started" webinars

Gradescope is offering webinars for new and existing users that are switching to online teaching. We will post links to the videos here as the recordings become available:

Read the Remote Assessment FAQ and watch walkthrough videos

Gradescope has assembled a useful FAQ that covers most of the questions about how to use their tool with links to support documentation.

Gradescope Remote Assessment FAQ

Gradescope Getting Started Walkthrough Videos

Show your students how to submit their homework

Log in with your Tufts Credentials

You can use your Tufts login to access Gradescope without creating a new login.

Accessing Gradescope with your Tufts credentials

Synchronize your Canvas roster with Gradescope

You can connect Gradescope to your Canvas course to synchronize your roster.

Synchronizing your Canvas roster with Gradescope

Link Canvas Assignments to Gradescope Assignments

You can link Assignments in Canvas to Gradescope assignments so students can easily access them and grades report back to the Canvas gradebook.

Linking Canvas Assignments to Gradescope

Contact Educational Technology Services for support

If you would like more help using Gradescope to teach online, contact [email protected].