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Linking Canvas Assignments to Gradescope


Before you can send your Gradescope scores to Canvas you must first link your Canvas course with Gradescope. Then you must synchronize your Canvas roster with Gradescope.

Go to "Assignments" in Canvas and click the menu button next to "+ Assignment"

Assignments: Gradescope 2023 Update

Choose "Gradescope" from the menu

Assignments: Gradescope 2023 Update

Choose whether to create a new Gradescope assignment or link to an existing one

Assignments: Gradescope 2023 Update

If you choose to create a new assignment, you will be taken through the Gradescope assignment creation workflow.

When you are done, click "Link Assignment".

NOTE: If you want to link to a copy of a Gradescope assignment (such as an assignment from another course or previous semester), you must first copy the assignment in Gradescope and then link the Canvas assignment to the copied Gradescope assignment.

Click here to see how to copy an assignment in Gradescope

Click here to see how to copy a course in Gradescope

Posting Gradescope grades to Canvas

Grade the assignment in Gradescope

NOTE: you can click on the assignment in Canvas to access the submissions and grading pages in Gradescope.

Click "Post Grades to Tufts Canvas"

Sample Homework Assignment 1

Confirm the linked course and assignment details and click "Post Grades"

Existing grades will be overwritten, so make sure that you are sending grades to the correct course and assignment. After clicking "Post Grades" a progress bar will appear as the request is processed.

You can repeat this process as necessary. You may also want to publish the scores on Gradescope in addition to Canvas so that students can see specific feedback on their assignments, which will not be available on Canvas.