Canvas Tufts Library Reading ListsHow do I add library items to the reading list?

How do I add library items to the reading list?

You can add items from the libraries’ collections by clicking the large plus sign (+) in the blue box at the top of the Reading List sections.

This brings up a search that is identical to searching JumboSearch. To limit your search to library items, choose Library Catalog.

After you find an item you want to add, just click on the item, and then click Add.  

When you are done adding items, click on the X in the upper right corner of the popup.  Your item will be added to the bottom of the section you added it to.

You will notice that the citation says “Being Prepared.”  This means the library will be alerted that you want this item added so that they can retrieve it from the shelves or recall it if necessary.  The item is not automatically placed on reserve at this point!

When library staff have processed the item and put it on reserve in your affiliated library, the status will change to “Complete” and the location will be changed to the Reserve Desk location.