Canvas Canvas Publish / UnpublishHow do I Publish (or Unpublish) my Canvas Course Site?

How do I Publish (or Unpublish) my Canvas Course Site?

When an instructor receives a new Canvas course site, it is, by default, Unpublished.

This means that any students that have registered for the course and have accounts on the course site will not have a Canvas Card link on their Dashboard for the course until the Instructor "Publishes" the course site.

- Instructors can add other Instructors, TAs or Course Designers to the site and they will be able to access an unpublished course site.

- Instructors cannot email the students through Canvas if the course site is unpublished.

- Course Announcement emails will not be sent from an unpublished course site

To Publish a Canvas Course site, go to the course site Home page

Under Course Status, click Publish

When you Publish the couse site, you will need to select a Home Page for the course

Select a Home Page, then click Choose and Publish

Once you Publish your Canvas course site, you do not have to republish it again if you add new content. You only have to Publish the site once.

You can Unpublish the course by going to the Home page and clicking Unpublish. This will remove the Dashboard Card link from all student accounts.

Note: Once you have added a grade for any student, you can no longer Unpublish the course site.