Canvas Tufts Library Reading ListsHow do I share the list with students?

How do I share the list with students?

When you are satisfied with the list and are ready for your students to see the reading list, you must PUBLISH the list. If you do NOT publish the list, students cannot see it.

While you work on the list you will see that it is labeled as a DRAFT in the list heading

When you are ready for students to see the list, click on the three-dot actions button at the top of the list and choose Publish.

Publishing the list makes it visible to all students with access to Canvas.

Where can I find detailed training for the Reading List tool?

Leganto has many more features than the basics described here.  These training videos will give you complete coverage of all of the possible options with Reading Lists in Canvas.

If you have questions about your reading list contact your home library reserves staff.  Your home library can still add items to the reading list for you and update you on status of items that are not complete.