What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is a web-based tool for creating and conducting surveys. Current Tufts students, faculty and staff can use Qualtrics to create and administer a survey. Surveys can be sent to and completed by anyone -- including non-Tufts affiliates.

While Qualtrics is most commonly used for research, it has a friendly interface, a variety of question types, and flexible reports, all of which make it a potential tool for teaching. Instructors can use Qualtrics to:

  • Administer a pre-class survey to learn more about what students already know
  • Ask students questions during class or immediately after a lecture
  • Allow students to vote on or rank choices related to an assignment
  • Create adaptive surveys that let students follow different branches depending on their answers

The TTS Training group offers periodic workshops on using Qualtrics. For help with using Qualtrics to meet your teaching goals, request a consult with Educational Technology Services.