How do I view and edit reports?

To see student responses, click on the Reports tab. Qualtrics generates a default report with common visualizations of collected data. For example, if there is a Text Entry question in your survey, the default report will display the responses in a paginated table that indicates the frequency with which words appear. 

To edit an existing visualization (e.g. to change a paginated table to a word cloud), click on the existing chart or table. A sidebar will appear to the right. Edit the options of the existing visualization, or choose a new one in the "Visualization" section. 

Qualtrics offers robust reporting and visualization options. To learn more, see the Qualtrics documentation on reports

Note: Data only appears in reports when a survey is complete and submitted. If a student stops taking the survey in the middle and doesn't complete all of the questions, the data will be marked as a "partial response" and will not be reflected in reports. This may impact the way you set up your survey, especially if you expect to use it during class as a classroom response tool. For more, see How do I monitor student responses if I am using Qualtrics during class?