Sending Gradescope scores to Canvas

Sending Gradescope scores to Canvas

By following these steps, you can transfer assignment and exam scores from Gradescope to Canvas.

Synchronize your Canvas roster with Gradescope

Before you can send scores to Canvas you must synchronize the rosters of the two systems. For instructions on how to do that, see:  Synchronizing your Canvas roster with Gradescope.

Create and publish a "No Submission" assignment in Canvas

Gradescope can only send scores to an existing assignment in Canvas, so you must create an assignment in Canvas for each score that you want to transfer from Gradesocpe. The Canvas assignment type should be "No Submission" and the point value should be the same as the Gradescope assignment.

The assignment must be published in Canvas before it can receive scores from Gradescope.

Click on "Assignments" in your Gradescope course

Open "Assignment Settings" for the Gradescope assignment

Click on the three vertical dots on the far-right of the assignment listing and select "Assignment Settings" from the menu that opens when you do.

Use the drop-down to select the Canvas assignment you want to link and then click "Link Assignment".

When this is complete you can see the linked assignment in settings. You can change or unlink the association later on.

Publish the grades to Canvas

Go to "Review Grades" in the Gradescope assignment

You can send grades to Canvas after you have completed grading the assignment in Gradescope.

Click "Post Grades to Canvas"

Confirm the linked course and assignment details and click "Post Grades"

Existing grades will be overwritten, so make sure that you are sending grades to the correct course and assignment. After clicking "Post Grades" a progress bar will appear as the request is processed.

You can repeat this process as necessary. You may also want to publish the scores on Gradescope so that students can see specific feedback on their assignments, which will not be available on Canvas.