How do I publish a recording?

"Publishing" means "putting the capture into a class so students and instructors can view it." Many scheduled captures are auto-published, which means they are automatically made available to the class when they have finished processing. However, if a capture is not set to auto-publish (because you would like to edit it or review it before students can see it), or if the capture is an Ad Hoc capture, it must be manually published to the appropriate class.

Captures can be published to multiple courses. To move a capture from a previous term to a new term, or to publish a capture to an additional course, follow the instructions below.

Log into Echo360.

Change your role to "Administrator."

If you accessed Echo360 directly from Canvas, you may have to switch to the Administrator role. See Logging in and switching roles. 

Click on the "Captures" tab.

You will see a list of completed captures.

Find the capture you want to publish.

Look at the "Publish Info / Title" column. If you see an arrow and a course number, the capture is published to that course.  

If you see two dashes, the capture is unpublished.

Click on the capture title.

The capture details page will open.

Select the Publishing tab and click the "Publish" button.

Select "To a course."

Choose the appropriate course and section from the menu.

Select "New Class" and fill in the capture details.

Click the "Publish" button.