What is Echo360 Classroom Lecture Capture?

The Echo360 Lecture Capture system allows instructors to record, edit, and publish live lectures and screencasts. Echo360 Classroom Lecture Capture records everything that happens in a live class, including audio, video, and any slides or software displayed on the classroom projector.  

To create recordings, set up a capture from the podium computer in any Echo-enabled classroom and teach your class as usual. The recordings can then be lightly edited/trimmed before being published to a Tufts-hosted server, where they are converted into streaming video. The streaming videos will have direct links, which you may share with Tufts students.

Special advantage: This system stores the video file(s) outside your course site, and it does not count toward your course site's storage limit in Canvas.

For a full list of rooms at Tufts with Classroom Lecture Capture systems installed, see http://it.tufts.edu/echo.