How do I publish (or republish) my recordings?

The Medical School, the Dental School, and the Veterinary School schedule and initiate the recording of most lecture courses and distribute those recordings via Canvas or TUSK. At all  other Tufts schools, lecture recording is available to instructors via self-service. See How do I use Echo360 to record my class?

When initiating a recording, an instructor can select the course that it is associated with. If the course is selected, the recording will automatically be distributed to students via the Echo360 link in your Canvas or TUSK course site.

If you do not choose a course when setting up the recording, it will be saved to your Personal Library. From here, it can be published to a course or shared with an individual user.

Captures can be published to multiple courses. To move a capture from a previous term to the current term, or to publish a capture to a different course, follow the steps below.

Go to the Echo360 login page and log in.

Click on the My Content tab.

Find the recording you want to publish.

Use the Search Content box to search for content by name or course.

Click on the tile for the recording you want to publish.

The Capture Details screen appears.

Click on the blue Publish button.

The Publish to a new location dialog box appears.

From the "Where" options, select "To a course."

Use the drop-down lists to select the Course and Section.

Select "New class."

In Echo, a "class" is a container that holds the recording of a single class session.

Fill in a class name.

Date and time are optional. Consider using a consistent naming scheme for your recordings (e.g. "Week 1 - Intro to Bio").

When finished, click Publish.