How do I edit recordings?

Completed captures and processed videos can be edited by the video's owner (the instructor associated with the video) or any administrator. For more information about the editing tools, see the Echo help documentation on editing a video.

Log in to Echo360 as an Administrator.

Find the video you want to edit.

If your role is set to Administrator, videos can be found on the Captures tab.

Select "Edit Details."

Select Edit video from the chevron menu or select the Edit video icon from the capture details page shown below.

The video opens in the editor window.

Editing Basics

Use the playback controls, Make Cut and Delete/Revert buttons at the bottom of the editor to make changes to the video. (See "Using the Video Editing Tools" below.)

Use the Restore and Apply Edits buttons across the top to save or undo all changes made to the video as appropriate. These buttons apply to the video as a whole, and work as follows:  

  • RESTORE - Reverts all changes ever made to the video and restores the original video file.
  • APPLY EDITS - Acts as a save button. Applies the changes you've made to this video and which are reflected in the playback bar at the bottom of the editing screen.

To exit without making or saving any changes, click the back arrow in the top left corner of the video editing screen.

Once you complete the edits, the video is reprocessed. You can view the final product or edit the media details once it re-appears in the Completed captures list.