How do I share a recording?

After you complete a recording, it will appear in your Library (also called My Content). From here, you can share it with a class or with an individual user.

Log into Echo360.

Click on the My Content tab.

Find your video in the list.

Use the Search box to search for the recording by title.

grid view of library

Click on the name of the video to open the preview window.

Sharing your video with a course

Click on the Add to a Class button below the video.

Choose your course, term, and section from the dropdown menus.

If your course is not in the list, contact or Your course may need to be created in Echo360 or you may need to be granted instructor access to it.

Create a new "class."

A class is a container that holds recordings. Select "New class" and fill in a name (typically the same as the name of your video). All other details are optional.

To share your video with an individual

In the "Individuals" section below the video, click on the "Share with" dropdown.  

Begin typing the name or email address of the person you want to share the video with.

As you type, matching names will appear.

Select the user from the list.

The video will appear in the user's Personal Library. For more, see the Echo360 help files: Sharing Content with Users.