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How to Sync OASIS Calendar to Personal Calendar

You can sync your OASIS Calendar with your personal calendar in Gmail, iOS and others. The sync will allow you to see up to 18 weeks of calendar events once they have been created in OASIS.

The Canvas calendar will include additional information, like due dates, but only courses that have been published (made availaible to you in your dashboard) will show you event times.

Export your OASIS Calendar

  1. Open your Calendar
  2. Click 'Show My Events'
  3. Click Export

Choose the Export Format

  1. Select the calendaring application you would like to use from the drop down list.
  2. Choose the maximum number of day to export (18 weeks)
  3. Copy the URL

Paste the URL into your Calendaring App

iOS: use this link to find instructions  on syncing with your iOS calendar,and follow the "Subscribe to a calendar" instructions

Google Calendar: use this link to find instruction on syncing with your google calendar, and follow the "Add using a link"instruction.

There are many other apps that can use these subscription links. Please consult the help documentaton for those apps on how to add a calendar via a link.