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Student Access to their Own Schedule

Students can view available school year information in OASIS.

Click on "Enter 2019-2020" or the relevant school year.

Screenshot of Select A Year table in OASIS.

Once in a school year, the student can see their schedule and the event calendar for any course-related events. At the clinical level, the event calendar is not used as heavily as the pre-clinical years.  

Students can view:

  1. Rotation Start and End Dates.
  2. Rotation Title: Clicking on the link will provide course catalog information.
  3. Rotation Location and Weeks.

Elective/Vacation are placeholders within the schedule. They do not reflect the actual time the student is a single elective or scheduled vacation. This time could be divided up between multiple electives and vacation time that is not stored in OASIS.

Screenshot of a student schedule in OASIS.