What is iSEEK?

iSEEK is a search tool that allows faculty, staff, and students to search for curricular content across health sciences programs at Tufts.  The iSEEK search tool is available within Canvas. To perform a search, log into Canvas, visit a course, and enter a search term in the field at the top of the screen.

This is how iSEEK looks in Canvas:

What content is searchable with iSEEK?

iSEEK can search for and return the following types of content:

  • Canvas Files
  • Canvas Pages
  • Echo360 lecture captures
  • Kaltura videos that have been added to a Canvas Page
  • Events in Oasis and Canvas
  • Oasis Instructional Methods and Event Objectives

When returning search results, iSEEK can combine an Echo 360 lecture video with the corresponding PowerPoint in Canvas so they appear as one result. iSEEK can also return the specific slides where the search terms are most prominent within the PowerPoint.

How does iSEEK work?

iSEEK is a Natural Language Understanding Engine that leverages advanced linguistics and artificial intelligence to point you to the resources you are looking for. This means that iSEEK will return results that match not only your exact search terms but content that contains synonyms and related content.

When you conduct a search, iSEEK automatically creates filters, called iViews, to help you narrow down your results. The iViews show useful details about the items in the search repository. iViews can be used to delve deeper into a set of resources or results before or after a query is performed.