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How do I use iSEEK for a basic search?

Log into Canvas, visit a course, and locate the search field at the top of the screen

Note: only health sciences courses have iSEEK installed. 

Enter a search term in the iSEEK search box and hit "Enter"

Search results may include the following:

  1. Title of the resource (clicking here will download or open the resource)
  2. Link to the course where the resource was found (click here to go to the course). 
  3. Image preview

Search results that contain PPT, PDFs, or Echo360 videos contain the following:

For a given resource, click "+" to see more information, including:

  1. Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) terms associated with this resource
  2. Event data and other metadata that this resource has been matched to
  3. Source link to download the file

Once you've found a resource, you can download the original file

To download a Word, Excel, or Image file, click the title in the search results

To download a PPT or PDF click "more" then click "download"

NOTE: Echo360 and Kaltura videos are NOT typically downloadable