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How do I hide Canvas content from iSEEK search?

The mission of Tufts' One Health initiative is to optimize the health of humans, animals, and the environment through an innovative and integrative, interdisciplinary approach to education, research, and practice. As part of this initiative, Tufts' heath sciences courses have implemented iSEEK to allow all Heath Science students and faculty to search content across disciplines. 

To read more about what content is available to which users, please read: What Content is Available in iSEEK and Canvas 

How do I hide content from iSEEK Search Results and Unenrolled Canvas Users

You have two options for hiding content:

1. Hide content completely with Conditional Release

To prevent content from appearing in search and being accessed by unenrolled students the best option is to set up "Conditional Release" of the content —

To set this up, follow these steps:

1: In the course in Canvas, create a Module

2:  Move the content to be hidden into that module

3: Set up Prerequisites or Requirements on the Module you just created.  To read more about Prerequisites and Requirements visit the following:

How do I add prerequisites to a module?

How do I add requirements to a module?

2. Hide content from search results only with _DNI

Content you do not want to be indexed by iSEEK and thus not displayed in search results can be tagged with a "_DNI" suffix. However, this content will still be available to any users that access the course, based on their role and the canvas availability and publish settings.

Adding "_DNI" to the end of a content name will hide it from search.  The types of content that can be blocked from search are: File, Folder, Module, Module Item, or Event.

Examples include:

Private Content do not index.pdf

IMPORTANT:  If you are trying to hide content from all students who are not currently enrolled in your course, we recommend that you use the Conditional Release method described above.

If you have questions about using iSEEK search in Canvas, please email [email protected]