How do I access a course from iSEEK?

You can use iSEEK to navigate to a Canvas course.

This will return all the Tufts Canvas courses that are currently available in iSEEK

Use the iView filters on the left to select a Program

Use the iView filters to select a Program Level

Click "+" to expand the list of iView values showing a list of courses in that program

In the example below a list of "Year 1" courses are shown

NOTE: If you do not see the course you are looking for, click the "clear all" button at the top of the iViews panel, enter a blank search again, and try applying iView filters again. 

When you find the title of the course you are interesting in click on it

On the right, you will see all the searchable content from that course.

If you are an enrolled member of a course (aka. a student or teacher) you will be able to access it in Canvas as you normally would.

If you are not enrolled in the course you will be able to access its published content in Canvas, but will not have access to the communication tools, assignments or quizzes.

NOTE: Descriptions of assignments and quizzes will be accessible.

To read more about what is visible to whom with iSEEK, read this article: What content is available in iSEEK and Canvas?  and How do I hide Canvas content from iSEEK search?