Which classrooms support Echo360?

The classrooms listed below are enabled for Echo360. Recordings can be pre-scheduled in these rooms, and a recording can be initiated and monitored remotely.

Boston Health Sciences Campus

Campus Building Name
Boston Dental CE Classroom
Boston Dental Dental 7-773
Boston Dental Merritt Auditorium
Boston Dental PreClin Lab
Boston Dental Rachel's Amphitheater
Boston Dental Sim Center
Boston Jaharis Behrakis
Boston Jaharis Jaharis 105
Boston Jaharis Jaharis 118
Boston Jaharis Jaharis 156
Boston M&V M&V 105
Boston M&V M&V 301 - TEAL
Boston M&V M&V 520
Boston Medical Education Building Deblois Aud 108
Boston Medical Education Building MEB B09
Boston Medical Education Building MEB 114 E/W
Boston Medical Education Building MEB 507
Boston Medical Education Building MEB 604
Boston Medical Education Building MEB 607
Boston Posner Posner Auditorium
Boston Posner Posner 201

Grafton Campus

Campus Building Name
Grafton Agnes Varis Campus Center Agnes Varis Auditorium
Grafton Loew Hamilburg
Grafton Loew Room 114
Grafton Large Animal Hospital MTSL Alcove
Grafton Large Animal Hospital MTSL Main Lab
Grafton Large Animal Hospital Varis Lecture Hall
Grafton McGrath McGrath Teaching Lab
Grafton Administration (Jean Mayer) Jean Mayer 217

Medford Campus

Campus Building Room
Medford 200 Boston Avenue 4745
Medford 26 Winthrop Street 113
Medford 574 Boston Ave. 201
Medford 574 Boston Ave. 202
Medford 574 Boston Ave. 204
Medford 574 Boston Ave. 401
Medford 574 Boston Ave. 404
Medford Aidekman Arts Center 012
Medford Aidekman Arts Center Cohen Auditorium
Medford Aidekman Arts Center Alumnae Lounge
Medford Anderson Hall 206
Medford Anderson Hall 208
Medford Anderson Hall 210
Medford Anderson Hall 211
Medford Anderson Hall 212
Medford Anderson Hall 306
Medford Anderson Hall 309
Medford Anderson Hall 312
Medford Anderson Hall Nelson Auditorium
Medford Barnum Hall LL008
Medford Barnum Hall 100 (Rabb Room)
Medford Barnum Hall 104
Medford Barnum Hall 208
Medford Braker Hall 001
Medford Braker Hall 222
Medford Cabot 102
Medford Cabot 108B
Medford Cabot 205
Medford Cabot 206
Medford Cabot 302 (ASEAN)
Medford Cabot 702
Medford Cabot 703
Medford Dowling Hall 745
Medford Eliot Pearson 157
Medford Granoff Music Center M271
Medford Granoff Music Center 155
Medford Joyce Cummings Center 140
Joyce Cummings Center
Joyce Cummings Center
Joyce Cummings Center
Joyce Cummings Center
Medford Lane Hall 100 (Big)
Medford Lane Hall 100A (Little)
Medford Lincoln Filene Center 201
Medford Mugar 123
Medford Mugar 200
Medford Mugar 231
Medford Mugar 235
Medford Olin Center 002
Medford Olin Center 007
Medford Olin Center 011
Medford Olin Center 101
Medford Olin Center 108
Medford Paige Hall Crane Room
Medford Paige Hall Paige Hall Terrace
Medford Pearson Laboratory 104
Medford Pearson Laboratory 106
Medford Robinson Hall 253
Medford Science and Technology Center 136
Medford Sophia Gordon Sophia Gordon Hall
Medford Tisch Library 302
Medford Tisch Library 316