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Dental Canvas - Navigating Dental Patient Log as a Preceptor

Recovering Forgotten Tufts University Username and password:

Please contact the TTS Service Desk, they will be able to help in real time with a phone call.

Call: 617-627-3376

Email: [email protected]

Forwarding Tufts Email to Practice or Personal Email:

The preceptors are able to forward their emails to their practice email address. This is a one time thing and will remain associated with the account. If they click on this link ( and click Forward my Tufts Email.

Once they log in and click the link, below is the menu.

Logging into Canvas:

To Log into Canvas, click the link below:

Click "Tufts Login."

Enter Tufts Username and Password.

Click "Login."

 The Patient Log Course also be available on the student Canvas Dashboard or Courses Menu.

Preceptors can click on Patient Log Course . Then click on the Patient Log link on the left tool bar.

Click on View Reports.

Summary Report:

Select Filter:

Course: There will only be one course to select for preceptors

Time Period: Select the start date of the rotation or All to see the students enrolled within the Site / Location

Field: Select the field specific report.

Click the Site / Location name for the Student Report.

Site / Location Field Report - Response Count

This report provides data for each field option per site/location.

Click "View Student Percentages" to view additional report.

Student Percentages Report:

This report provides percentages of students enrolled within the location who completed at least one of the field options.

Click "View Response Counts" to view additional report.

Student Report:

Clicking on the student's name will take you to the student's patient log history and the approval process, located at the end of the Patient Log History.

Student Summary Per Field Report

This report provides data per student for each field option.

Click "View Question Summary" to view additional report.

Question Summary Report:

This report provides data for each option within the field.

Click "View Student Summary" to view additional report.

Approval Process:

Preceptors will enter the student logs by clicking on the student name in Student report, which will bring up the Student Patient Log History.

At the bottom of the page, is an Approve button.


Clicking on the button will pop up a text box for comments.


Once approved, a time-stamped log will appear. A student’s log can be approved multiple times.