Adding a New Instructor Group

Export the Report by Clicking "Export List as CSV"

Find the Location and Location Id of Location of new Instructor Group.

Course > Course Set up > Instructor Group


Click on Add Groups to create a single Instructor Group


  1. Update the following Fields: There will be 3 separate fields, all separated by a "_".
    • Group Name: LocationID_Location Name_site-director (Example: 1_Arizona: Winslow Indian Health Care Center_PHCS-CLSE_site-director) - See reference in first image.
      • LocationID: Defined where the preceptor will go in the Patient Log
      • Location Name: Makes the Instructor Group readable and searchable
      • site-director: Gives the user a role within the Patient Log
  2. Under Group Members, search for the User in text box, Click "Search", Then "Select user"


Click "Save" Button