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Navigating OASIS Student Performance Evaluations - OASIS Administrator

Dental OASIS Instance:

From the OASIS home page, choose to either:

  • Click the Course in the middle of the dashboard page under “My Courses”
  • Click “Course” in the Top Tool Bar and the click “Evaluations”

In the Evaluations menu, under Data Analysis Reports, click “Student Performance Evaluations.”


Data Analysis Report - Student Performance

Step 1: All of the default radio buttons can remain as the default. In the Drop down

Select one of the evaluations to create the report and click “Load.”

All of the questions should load. Since all of the evaluations are using the same base, even if there are multiple instances of the same evaluation at different locations, you only need to select one.

Step 2: This step can be skipped, unless a specific question needs to be removed from the report.

If a question needs to be removed, click the question or questions and click “Remove Selected Questions.”

Step 3: Select the Dates: Select the start dates needed for the report. No need to select an end date.

Step 4: Keep all default settings

Step 5: Radio Button: All Students Levels in the course.

Step 6: This defaults to the group of Location and Person. This should be sufficient to the reporting needs.

Click Submit

Filtering and Navigating the Student Performance Report

Adding Location and Students:

Click “Modify View”

Select the radio buttons:

Location: Show Location

Person: Show Person

Click Save.

Adding Visualization

Click the “Show/Hide Distribution Graphs.”

This will give you a bar graph and standard deviation visualizations.


Downloading or Distributing Reports:

OASIS gives the ability to distribute the reports in multiple formats through email.

All of these reports will be emailed to the address in the Email field.  

Caution: PDF of this report per person in Modified View provides a check box to “Also email report to each person.” This will send an email and use the user’s computer to compile the PDFs. This will consume the computer’s CPU and send an email to the entire list.