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Dental OASIS - Student Performance Evaluations Bulk Reporting Export to PDF

Evaluations Menu

Navigate on the top tool bar: Course > Evaluations

Data Analysis Report:  Student Performance Evaluations

Step 1:

Use the same radio buttons settings in the screenshot below.

Select any of the reports under Evaluation. There are two base Student Performance Evaluations, but each location has its own version of each, so select the appropriate evaluation "@any location." The base evaluations is the same.

Click Load.

Step 2:

Keep all of the questions that were loaded.

Step 3:

Select the course start dates based on the reporting. If only a specific rotation is needed, select the latest end date that is associated with the start date.

Step 4:

Only individual evaluation forms, and All evaluations in the course.

Step 5:

All Student Levels in the course.

Step 6:

The group allows the reports to be filtered and distributed based on the group criteria.

Primary grouping: Location

Secondary group: Person

All other check boxes can remain

Select Data Analysis Report

Click Submit

Data Analysis Report

Use Modify View to filter the report by Location and Person.

Use Download to distribute the reports by email.

Modify View Menu

Click Modify View

Select Show Location.  If only a specific location or locations are needed, selected and hold "Control" to select multiple.

Select Show Person. If only a specific person or persons are needed, selected and hold "Control" to select multiple.

Click Save.

Download Menu

This process will send an email to the email address provided and also use the user's computer processing resources, so usage of the computer while the reports are being generated, will be limited.

The amount of reports that will be generated are displayed.  If the number is larger than expected do not click Email.  

Select Download

Depending on the defined process, enter an email. If sending the reports directly to a Box folder, view instructions below.

Email Files to Box Folder

Report: Select "PDF of this report per person in Modified View".   Do not select "Also email report to each person.", because this will trigger a email to each individual student.

Click email.