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How can I edit captions on my media videos through MediaSpace?

Machine-captioning of spoken English is available to Tufts users for free on videos you have uploaded to My Media or Media Gallery in Canvas. Any new media added to your My Media or Media Gallery will automatically have captions applied. The captioning uses a computerized speech-to-text process and is 70-80% accurate. Once the machine-captioning is complete, you should review and edit the captions.

NOTE: videos with clearly recorded audio will produce better machine-generated captions.

Any media that has been added to My Media or Media Gallery prior to Sept 2023 will need to have machine captioning ordered to be applied to the media.

Please see How can I get captions on My Media videos? to add captions to your previously uploaded videos.

NOTE: If you have a large quantity of videos that need to be captioned please reach out to [email protected] to get assistance.

Log in by clicking "Not Logged In" in the top right corner. Click "Login" at the bottom of the popup menu.

Tufts University 🔊

Click My Media

Tufts University

Click the pencil icon for the video you want to edit

My Media

Any video added after September 2023 will have a tag automatically added to the video. First you will see a tag that says, "autoprocessing".  When the tag changes to "autocomplete" as seen above, the captions are available to be edited.

NOTE: You will NOT see this tag on any videos added prior to September 2023 even if you manually request mechanical captions after this date.

Click Captions

My Media

Click Edit Captions

My Media

This opens the Closed Caption Editor

My Media

1: Press Play and scan the text for mistakes as the audio plays.

2: If you see a mistake you can simply click into the text box and edit the incorrect word (example below).

3: Optionally you can add a speaker to the text. This is helpful if you have multiple speakers and it would be important for your audience to know who is speaking. For example, if you had a debate or interview.

4: Search for specific words within the captions (example below).

5: If you notice that the transcript consistently misspells a word, you can use the replace feature. Type in the misspelled version and the corrected version. Anytime the misspelled word appears, it will be replaced with the replacement word you wrote.

6: Autoscroll will be on automatically. This allows the caption boxes on the left to move in conjunction as the video plays on the right. You can toggle this feature off.

Click on the text you want to edit

My Media

The box you are editing will turn blue indicating that the text you are editing is within the timestamp range to the left of the text box.

Use the search box to find specific words within the captions

My Media

You can use the search box to search for specific words. You can then scroll through the captions and any boxes highlighted yellow will contain the searched word.

Click Save

My Media

Once you have completed editing a section of text click the save button.

Confirm the "Save Changes" by clicking Yes

My Media