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How do I allow other users to edit and publish a video in My Media?

Owners of Kaltura videos can grant ownership to other users, or give them limited permission to edit and publish the video.

Changing the owner will remove your access unless you add yourself as a collaborator at the same time. There are two types of collaboration: Co-Editor and Co-Publisher.

Co-Editors can:

  • Edit the video‚Äôs details and metadata
  • Trim the video
  • Create a new clip based on the video
  • Replace the video
  • Edit captions
  • View the video analytics page
  • ***Co-Editors cannot download the video, delete the video or publish the video to a Canvas site Media Gallery

Co-Publishers can:

  • Publish the video to any Canvas Media Gallery
  • ***Co-Publishers have no other permissions. They cannot edit the video details, trim or create a new clip, replace, delete or download the video

NOTE: Owners can assign  both Co-Editing and Co-Publishing permissions to the same person

To the right of the video you want to assign collaborators, Click the Edit icon (pencil)

This displays the editing page for the video

Click Collaboration

This displays the collaboration panel

Click 'Change Media Owner' or 'Add Collaborator'

This displays the Add Collaborator or Change Owner popup panel. The Change owner panel works similarly.

If you would like to change the owner but would like to retain some access to your video you MUST add yourself as a co-editor and/or co-publisher first. Then change the owner.

To add Select Co-Editor or Co-Publisher (or both) then type in the first few letters of the collaborators name, then select the full name from the list

Click Add

This adds the user as a Co-Editor or Co-Publisher (or both)


Co-Editors and Co-Publishers can access the video by going to their My Media page and clicking on "Filter", then selecting "Media I can Publish" or Media I can Edit"