How do I upload files to Kaltura MediaSpace?

To upload a video, audio, or other media file to MediaSpace, first log in with your Tufts credentials.

See: How to log into MediaSpace

Once logged in you'll see a list of your current recordings

In the menu across the top click "Add New" and select "Media Upload"

You'll see the Upload Media page

Click the "Choose a file to upload" button

This displays your computer's file locator.

Select the media file on your computer and click "Open" (or "Select")

Select the video file on your computer and click Open (or Select)

This initiates the upload process, and displays the video details

While the upload is running you can enter video details including Name, Description and Tags

Add Name, Description, Tags and click Save.
  • Name: Enter the title of the video, audio, or image file.  If subtitled, add information about the subtitles here.
  • Description: Enter a short description of the content.
  • Tags: If the media item is related to a course, enter the name of the instructor(s) and department here. You may also wish to add tags that describe the content, topic, authors, genre, etc.

Choose a setting to indicate if the media file will be Private, Unlisted, or Published

This saves the video and related information to your My Media in Canvas. The display will indicate that the video information has been saved.

NOTE: Wait until the upload is complete. Don't click "Save" until the media upload is complete, as shown in the green status bar

When the upload is 100% done, click "Save" at the bottom of the page

When the save is complete, click "Go to My Media"

You will see a list of all your recordings in My Media, including the video you just uploaded.

NOTE: Depending on the size of the video, it may take a while to be "processed". When processing is finished you will receive an email notification. Once you've received that notification the video is viewable, and can be shared, embedded, etc.

When the video is fully processed, you'll see the thumbnail image and video title on your My Media page both in MediaSpace, and also in Canvas

Example of fully processed video in your My Media

Important captioning note:

Videos uploaded to Kaltura MediaSpace will automatically have machine-captions applied, as well as a searchable transcript.

See: How can I get captions on My Media videos?